• Thought Section (0)
    The classroom of thought organizes cycles of annual conferences of Spanish thought and of the great themes of philosophy in which professors and specialists from different universities participate, and other activities such as colloquiums, round tables, and so on. Within the cycles of Spanish thought the following topics have been addressed: "Is there a Spanish philosophy?", "Roots and historical values ​​of Spanish thought", "Contributions of contemporary Spanish philosophers", "Various keys to contemporary Spanish thought", "Philosophy and poetry", "The philosophy of poets", "Metaphysics in current Spanish thinkers" and "Philosophical historiography in Spain"; In addition to monographic seminars dedicated to Seneca and García Morente, a triennium dedicated to medieval thought: Arabic, Jewish and Christian philosophy in Spain, and the José Rizal cycle since 98. Within the cycles dedicated to the great themes of philosophy, those of "Philosophy and education", "Philosophy and ethics" and "Philosophy and mysticism" have been discussed.
  • Pedagogy Section (0)
    The pedagogy classroom develops annual cycles of conferences around both central and transversal topics of pedagogy, with professors and specialists from different universities. The following cycles should be highlighted: "Towards a prospective pedagogy", "Comenio and pedagogy", "Priorities and ethics in orientation", "Educate from and for peace", "Education and personal development" and "Epistemology of human learning" .
  • Poetry and Literature Section (0)
    The poetry and literature classroom organizes the Fernando Rielo World Prize for mystical poetry. He has produced Equivalences, an international magazine focused on current and unpublished poetry; whose texts are presented in Spanish, English and in the original language of the poem. Nearly 300 poets from the most diverse countries have appeared on the Equivalences pages and panoramic studies have been offered on the poetry of Argentina, China, Colombia, Slovakia, Spain, the United States, Italy, Malta, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, ... They have published in the magazine such renowned figures as Octavio Paz, Alain Bosquet, Rafael Alberti, Gerardo Diego, Vasko Popa, and so on.
  • Music Section (0)
    The music classroom promotes both Spanish and foreign music performers and young people by organizing recitals and concerts in collaboration with various organizations, as well as cycles of conferences on music values. The Foundation announces the International Prize for Sacred Music Fernando Rielo.